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Except you contradict yourself with this sentence. I believe you meant violent behavior will ALWAYS be the last resort of someone who knows what they’re doing.

what you’re saying here that violence is the first resort…which it never is anyways even though you seem to think…

I read your whole post. You really missed the whole point of my response. You literally just rambled for a couple paragraphs and avoided a small wording correction in unhappys original post. 

But I’m also going to say you think that for everything a horse does wrong that I personally work with I resort to hitting it to ‘fix the issue’. You assume wrong so stop assuming about me and my own way of handling situations. 

My rant had everything to do with what you said, and I think it’s you who missed the point. If you think I said “hey you personally hit the horse to deal with everything,” then that was definitely not the point. See, the point was, we’re talking about “last resorts,” which means, when you see no other alternative, when there is nothing else that you can think of — you strike the horse.

Seriously. Reading comprehension: acquire some.

I believe the original point that tauntaunrider meant to make was that the sentence is written so that someone could read that violence could be the first response by someone who does know what they are doing. I don’t believe that she even meant to make any comments about training or the sort.

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You know I’ve realized that if anyone else had done something illegal and absolutely terrible to one of our horses we wouldn’t be defending each other over it and we would also be getting harrassed to the ends of the earth about it by the harassment a-team.

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the equestrian walk of shame



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Are the equestrians here still frighting


Yes Tiffany


when are we not???

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Yeeaaahhhhh, that happened today, too. Feckin’ gunshots + fresh ponies that haven’t been ridden that consistently in two months = HAULD YER HOSSES

oh lawdy lawdy. Normally I’m down but I’m still getting over my last fall that put me out. 

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rofl, that’s funny — the boss lady said something along those lines today too when the mare she was tacking up kicked at her. Damn and Jesus, what a microworld we live in.

well we put ourselves on top of animals with a major flight instinct that kicks in at a moments notice…..adrenaline junkies.

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The fact that in a majority of equestrian posts about their horses the line ‘nearly killed me’ appears is really quite a sign to how most of us probably have an adrenaline junkie issue.

Its also the reason my bf is pretty uncomfortable with me being in this sport unless I’m riding a horse who moves at the speed of molasses.

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